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The Big Yellow Hat!

Jun. 8th, 2005

04:45 pm

Elton JohnCollapse )

04:44 pm - Shari


The rain comes down.
Drizzle, pour, harder
Smiling like fools
Run till you reach the sign
Scratched feet go unnoticed
Sit in the current
Try to fight it.
Secret swimming
Run like the princess you wish to be.
Dance the can can in slow motion.
The frogs sing beautifully
My ears are bleeding
Sheltered and warm
Make a run Agent S.
Swirls of different colors.
All the wonderful shades of blue.
Twirl about in your floating robe
Feel beautiful for once.
Run like a princess.
No one will know your joy in this moment.
Tonight is perfect.

04:43 pm - Brittany -- Taco Bell story, it's ancient and kinda sucks. But I had to post it.

Taco BellCollapse )

04:42 pm - Brittany

HennaCollapse )

04:41 pm - Brittany

Drawn by the amazing Baglady. Colored by Shari.


Yea... I interpret that you're on acidCollapse )

04:40 pm - Shari

Random photograph update...

clicky clickyCollapse )